Ask HN: What spending commitments do you have with AWS?

A few of the comments in yesterday’s thread about selling developer tools[1] mentioned AWS spending commitments and selling via AWS marketplace.

From my experience, AWS’ options around spending commitment are not well documented publicly. You can read about Savings Plans online[2], but unless you know what an AWS EDP or PPA is you’re not going to stumble across it on their website. There’s lots of third parties that claim to be able to negotiate great PPAs for you, but it’s hard to know if you’re actually getting a good deal or not.

Because these transactions are so opaque and hard to negotiate, “Some companies have hundreds of millions of dollars in unused AWS committed spending”[3]

So in the interest of bringing some transparency to this, and helping each other save some money, is anyone able to share details of PPA (or equivalent) deals they have seen in the past?

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