Show HN: Offramp – A VISA card for self-custodial wallets

Someone @jcal.

Here’s your real world use-case for crypto.

Before Offramp, there were only 2 reasons you’d want to keep crypto on a self-custody wallet:

1. You didn’t trust Binance / Coinbase / FTX to hold your crypto for you
2. You wanted to degen trade

But what if you could use the assets on your self-custody wallet in real life?

With Offramp, now you can get a VISA card for your self-custody wallet that you can spend anywhere VISA is accepted.

Here’s one of our users paying for coffee with an Offramp card on his Apple Watch:

No top-up fees, no USD transaction fees. 400+ wallets supported, tokens from 13 EVM chains (including Ethereum and all major L2s).

This is one step closer to self-banking.

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