python-oracledb 2.1 and node-oracledb 6.4 have been released – Christopher Jones

I’m still on a long sabbatical so this will be a brief post. In my absence our Oracle Database driver team has been busy and are proud to announce that python-oracledb 2.1 and node-oracledb 6.4 have been released. Also our C Oracle Database Programming Interface for Drivers and Applications ODPI-C 5.2 is available from GitHub.

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You can read about node-oracledb 6.4 for Node.js in Sharad Chandran’s post Node-oracledb 6.4 offers improved LOB and OSON support.

ODPI-C 5.2 release notes are here.

To see what’s new in the python-oracledb 2.1 release for Python, review the release notes and check out the considerable number of enhancements and fixes. [Update: see the post from Veronica Dumitriu python-oracledb 2.1.0 has been released]. Some highlights are:

asyncio support is out of pre-release status.Some of the great behind-the-scenes work to reduce connection establishment times for Oracle Database can now be used in the python-oracledb’s default Thin mode. (Thick mode will automatically get these benefits when compatible Instant Clients or Oracle Client libraries are used). In addition to the benefits for all Oracle Database 23c users, there is a new, extra option to use “TCP fast open” support when connecting to Oracle Autonomous Database Serverless (ADB-S).Ongoing work exposes more of Oracle Database’s advanced JSON support, in particular to let you take advantage of Oracle’s efficient internal storage format (“OSON”) with its extended data types.

Installing or Upgrading python-oracledb

You can install or upgrade python-oracledb by running:

python -m pip install oracledb –upgrade

The pip options–proxy and –user may be useful in some environments. See python-oracledb Installation for details.

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