Meta glasses, request from someone with no compsci background

Hi everyone, As the title states I have no compsi or programming coding skills whatsoever so forgive my ignorance. I recently picked up a set of meta glasses. I am very pleased with the quality, design and iPhone app. I just have a few questions and complaints. The meta software will not allow you to record for longer than 1 minute at a time. The glasses are charged magnetically via the case which has a usb c port. Maybe this can connect to a pc? Would it be possible to ‘jailbreak’ them and allow them to record longer than one minute at a time? Possibly run a custom software? I read somewhere that meta states they cannot record longer than a minute due to overheating and I simply don’t believe this. Even it was the case I would rather come up with a cooling solution rather than not have the 1 min cap. Even if this cant be done, would it be possible to make it immediately record another 1min video? Because when im in the middle of doing something the last thing i want to do is take my hands off what im doing and hit record (kind of defeats the whole purpose of a wearable camera) again, forgive my ignorance and thank you for your time I appreciate it!

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