Ask HN: Small, flat mice for tiny hands? (Similar to the Magic Mouse)

Hey HN,

I have kind of an unpopular opinion / question here… for decades now, most standard mice have been extremely uncomfortable for me, leading to finger and wrist discomfort after a day or two, and severe pain if I keep it up for a week or longer.

I’ve tried dozens of them from Microsoft, Logitech, SteelSeries, Razer, and others, including ergonomic models, ambidextrous models, trackpads, trackballs, and trackpoints.

The only one that has been consistently comfortable for me (surprisingly) is Apple’s Magic Mouse ( Its nearly flat shape means I can “palm” it instead of “clawing” it, if that makes any sense (, and I can left-click with the entire upper part of my hand (i.e., three fingers can left click together instead of just my pointer finger).

My only real gripes with it are:

1) Its polling rate is really low compared to modern mice (especially gaming mice that poll at 1kHz+). This one gets about 90Hz.

2) It has no middle click, and its scrolling acceleration via the touch sensor is crazy for non-document interactions (e.g. games).


Do you know of any similarly-shaped mice that are flat and small? Other ergonomic suggestions are similarly welcome!

Old fart of a dev with tiny hands

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