Why mechanical keyboards are so junky?

Im currently using cheap mechanical keyboard with Gateron Yellow pro switches. Typing/Gaming experience is great.. But, there are problems. First, this keyboard have HW or FW issue, when sometimes it feeds bad scan codes (mostly WinKey). Second, after a year of usage I noticed that it gets worse, and sometimes it doesnt register keypress (mostly A) or there is delay.

So, I was slowly started to looking for replacement and holy moly, its hard. I reading reviews of pretty expensive (for me) keyboards where people complain about input lag or double chatter. They shuffle different firmwares to elimante one or other.

What the HELL is going on? I used cheap membrane keyboards for entire life and it was okey. Yeah, they got used kinda quickly, 1-2 years and you had to replace them (before replacement, you could open up keyboard and shuffle membranes around to buy some life). And it was ok, keyboards were dirty cheap and failure was more like keys become soft, not that it didnt register anything or double chatter.

Im seriously considering going back to cheap keyboards now. Its unbelivable that such a simple product cannot be made solid, even buying pretty expensive keyboards. It seems like a scam, there everywhere super cheap components are used and they just sell brand.

Any comments apreciated. I currently got used to ANSI keyboards, but earlier I used Big Ass Enter keyboards for life. Those are, for some reason much harder to get now. ISO layout is no no for me, I tried it and after 3 weeks I still could NOT get used to it.

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