Show HN: RadioSide turns your spare device into a radio

Hi, as a shortwave radio listener, I felt as time goes by, the shortwave is becoming more and more empty yet I do enjoy the discovery of new stations and so on. On top of that, all the EM noise generated by all the electronics is not helping either.

The typical internet radio site/app does not give me the same feeling I get from my physical radios in terms of operation and stumbling upon some interesting station ( does help but not looking like a radio) so I got to make my own that combines the looks and operation of a shortwave radio with the availability of internet radio stations.

One aspect was to create this sort of virtual frequency allocation for the stations, that way you can key in the number and takes you to the station.

Been using this and enjoying particularly the random feature as I come about some pretty nice stations that I had no idea existed and would not have thought of searching for specifically.

It’s free, no tracking and no app to install, it works in the browser. The presets are saved only on your device using local storage. What, when, where you listen to is none of my business.

Good to repurpose some of your spare devices, perhaps?

Hope someone else enjoys this as much as I do!

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