Show HN: Ellipsis – Automatic pull request reviews

TLDR; Ellipsis is a GitHub app that automatically reviews, summarizes, and answers questions about pull requests.

Hi HN, @hunterbrooks and @nbrad here, cofounders at [Ellipsis] ( We’re on a mission to build an AI software engineer. So far, we’ve built the automatic PR review functionality we’re sharing with you today.

Whenever a PR is opened, Ellipsis will automatically:
– append a summary of changes to the PR body,
– perform a code review, checking for best practices like DRY, descriptive variable names, etc.
– check for violations of any of the custom rules you’ve provided

The most common question we get is “does it work?”, so we’ve added a 7 day free trial. Here are some examples from popular open source repositories within the past week:

You can also tag @ellipsis-dev in a comment and ask it for a re-review or to answer a question about the PR. You’ll get a new review for every commit that’s pushed to the PR branch. Our docs ( have more info.

Today, 17 companies, including PromptLayer and Warp (W23) are using Ellipsis. We’re working on the code generation component (ex: tag Ellipsis to fix bugs), but that’s still in a public beta.

Ellipsis doesn’t store or train models on your code.

Ask: Try it out, it takes 2 clicks to install at Feedback?

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