Show HN: AI agents to automate running and maintaining regression tests

In a nutshell:

1. We built a web app and had to do lots of repeated manual testing after each push to prod to make sure that we didn’t break any existing features.

2. Coding up tests early on just isn’t worth it, especially with the amount of updates they would need as the UI changes so frequently. BUT we have to test.

We built an LLM-based tool that lets you write, run, and maintain tests for web applications in natural language. E.g., if you want to test the sign in flow, you would simply type “sign in with email and password Passw0rd!” and it would execute it for you. Curious to hear thoughts here – is manual regression testing as much of a pain for other teams as it is for us? If you’re interested in trying it out, our free MVP is ready to use and super quick to set up. We would love to hear feedback / questions.

– Masha

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