Friday Night Dinner: Empire Empire – Derick Rethans

Friday Night Dinner: Empire Empire

We visited Empire Empire on a chilly January evening. The restaurant was fairly quiet but even at 18.30 there were some tables seated and enjoying their food.

The restaurant features an old fashioned jukebox type vinyl record player close to the entrance and has a photobooth for some fun snaps should you be so inclined.

We had a beer each from 40ft Brewery in Hackney, which was lovely. It’s great to see an Indian restaurant branching out from the usual cobra and kingfisher options. We started with poppadoms and dips, and then I had a well spiced biryani with incredibly tender lamb falling off the shank and a pastry lid. My companion really enjoyed her Empire Butter Chicken and a naan bread. This was not as rich as some butter chicken curries, but was incredibly flavourful with a nice level of spicing and kick. Unfortunately we were both too full to move onto try what sounded like tasty desserts from the menu.

Service at Empire Empire was very welcoming and attentive (and quick, but not rushed) we were out and heading home on the bus about an hour after sitting down.

Butter Chicken
1 / 2
Lamb Biryani
2 / 2







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