TypeScript 4 features

TypeScript 4.0 is here!

Microsoft continues to make developers feel great using new technologies. Now they announced the availability of TypeScript 4.0! It’s better in all areas – productivity, stability, and scalability.

Developers love to work with clean, well structured, readable, and functional code. This is exactly what TypeScript is for. Together with their IDE Visual Code it’s a strong and convenient combination for almost any web developer.

No more ‘undefined’ errors, better structure, and easier refactoring, mixed types of black magic. If needed create your own composite types for complex situations.

There’s a great article on TypeScript blog https://devblogs.microsoft.com/typescript/announcing-typescript-4-0/ on what’s added and how to get started right away.

Start hacking and learn something new!

npm install -D typescript

TypeScript 4 features





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