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MediaWiki, Parsoid and Heroku configuration hints

(MediaWiki 1.31.0)

Login “Remember password” checked by default

Add to LocalSettings.php:

$wgHooks['AuthChangeFormFields'][] = function ($requests, $fieldInfo, &$formDescriptor, $action) {
    $formDescriptor['rememberMe']['default'] = true;
    return true;

See Hooks/AuthChangeFormFields and HTMLForm.

However, if you need it because of random session drops then see the next chapter:

Session handling / PHP’s default session handler / Session problems

$wgSessionsInObjectCache vs $wgPHPSessionHandling

The first one (and setting it to false) is deprecated (= no longer has effect).

In case you’re getting randomly logged out or “a loss of session data” errors appear then try to disable mixing session handling of MW and PHP. Add to LocalSettings.php:

$wgPHPSessionHandling = 'disable';

Wake Parsoid on user login if running on Heroku free dynos

Parsoid is a node.js-based service used by MediaWiki’s awesome VisualEditor. Parsoid can be set up on a free Heroku account.

Add to LocalSettings.php:

$wgHooks['UserLoggedIn'][] = function($user) {
    if ($user->isAllowed('edit')) {

        $parsoid_host = '';

        $fp = fsockopen('ssl://' . $parsoid_host, 443, $errno, $errstr, 30);
        $out = "GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n";
        $out .= "Host: " . $parsoid_host . "\r\n";
        $out .= "Content-Length: 0"."\r\n";
        $out .= "Connection: Close\r\n\r\n";
        fwrite($fp, $out);

After a user with edit permission logs into MediaWiki, sends a GET request to Parsoid Heroku-URL but doesn’t wait for an answer. Shouldn’t affect login time but decreases VisualEditor’s first-load time (otherwise could be ~20+ seconds). Free dynos go to sleep after 30min of inactivity. Currently maximum allowed awake time per 24h is 18h.

Enable local Parsoid to have edit access without hardcoding IP or cookie forwarding

Might be useful, depends on your server config. Add to LocalSettings.php:

if ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == gethostbyname(trim(`hostname`))) {
    $wgGroupPermissions['*']['read'] = true;
    $wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = true;
    $wgGroupPermissions['*']['upload'] = true;
    $wgGroupPermissions['*']['reupload'] = true;
    $wgGroupPermissions['*']['reupload-shared'] = true;

Fix Jasny File Input in Avant theme and IE / MS Edge

Applies to “Avant – Clean and Responsive Bootstrap 3.3.2 Admin” or Avant 1.4 (c) 2015 as written in readme.txt.

Open /HTML/assets/css/styles.css, find the following block:

.btn-file > input {
  position: absolute;
  top: 0;
  right: 0;
  margin: 0;
  opacity: 0;
  filter: alpha(opacity=0);
  transform: translate(-300px, 0) scale(4);
  -webkit-transform: translate(-300px, 0) scale(4);
  font-size: 23px;
  height: 100%;
  width: 100%;
  direction: ltr;
  cursor: pointer;

Comment out the following lines:

/*  transform: translate(-300px, 0) scale(4);
  -webkit-transform: translate(-300px, 0) scale(4); */

Now Select file/image etc buttons should work in Internet Explorer 11 (as tested on 11.306.10586.0) and Microsoft Edge.

To make the examples in File Inputs section of the Form Components page work, open /HTML/form-components.htm and change:

<script type='text/javascript' src='assets/plugins/form-jasnyupload/fileinput.min.js'></script>


<script type='text/javascript' src='assets/plugins/form-jasnyupload/fileinput.js'></script>

Now the controls and image preview are functioning.

Additionally the plugin could be upgraded to a more recent version, select “Download source code” and replace /HTML/assets/plugins/form-jasnyupload/fileinput.js and fileinput.less files with the ones from the downloaded archive. Upgrading to 3.1.3 makes “too much recursion”-errors disappear from the JS-console.

Using IF condition in SELECT in Active Record SQL scope (for Yii)

Instead of a string value use an array to specify different ‘select’ expressions (just a string will get exploded using comma as delimter and there’ll be an error). NB! New variables defined only in SQL query code (with AS) should be defined also in the Model:

// AR variables defined in SQL query code
public $begins_same_day;
public $is_long;

public function scopes()
	return array(
		'more' => array(
			'select' => array(
				'FALSE AS begins_same_day',
				'IF (DATE(date_to) > DATE(date_from + INTERVAL 1 DAY), TRUE, FALSE) AS is_long'
			'condition' => 'TO_DAYS(date(date_from)) > (TO_DAYS(date(NOW())) + 2)',
			'order' => 'date_from ASC, date_to ASC',
			'limit' => 20